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Hydrogen Lift focus on developing hydrogen technologies that goes hand in hand with current needs and climate.

We are a research and science company within the area of green technology.

Our aim is to increase the efficiency of the electrolysis process.

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We have developed a method to effectively use excess heat and increase the efficiency of electrolytic manufacturing.

The company's patented method is a complementary technology in the electrolysis of water. The process takes place under hydrostatic pressure where the excess heat from the electrolysis is used to increase the volume of the gases and thus contribute to a better utilization of the supplied energy.

Up to 20% higher energy efficiency.

Our patented technology creates up to 20% efficiency increase for industrial scale hydrogen production.

Our technology


A method to effectively use the excess heat and increase the efficiency in electrolytic manufacturing.

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The need for effective and green hydrogen production 

The EU has taken a clear position on hydrogen - it is expected to play an important role in the transformation from a fossil-based to a more sustainable society.

Above all, the use of clean green hydrogen will contribute to phasing out fossil fuels in energy-intensive industries such as in the manufacture of steel, chemicals and cement. The same applies to the transport sector with heavy vehicles, rail and shipping and the energy sector.


The problem is that green hydrogen is very expensive to produce on a large scale using traditional methods.

In addition, the storage of electricity produced is still too inefficient, the storage of hydrogen too volatile and the costs of desalination are significant for offshore production. All this means that today there is a lack of large-scale industrial demand for hydrogen, and especially green hydrogen.


For hydrogen to contribute to climate neutrality, new solutions must therefore be developed that allow production on a large scale and at a lower price, and that is where Hydrogen Lifts patented technology and process is unique.  

Hydrogen comments from around the world

“Hydrogen is today enjoying unprecedented momentum. The world should not miss this unique chance to make hydrogen an important part of our clean and secure energy future.”
- Dr Fatih Birol  
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